Georgia's Online & Self-Study Rules


Regulation 5 to Rule 8-106(B)

 (5) In-House/Self-Study CLE. The Commission recognizes that law firms, corporate legal departments and similar entities, either alone or in conjunction with each other, will develop and present In-House continuing legal education activities to assist their member attorneys in maintaining their professional competence. The Commission further recognizes that these In-House CLE activities often are designed to address matters most relevant to a firm's own attorneys. Also, the Commission recognizes that active member attorneys on an individual basis may participate in distance learning CLE activities, which constitutes Self-Study. In-House/Self-Study CLE activities may be approved for credit under these Rules and Regulations plus the following additional conditions:

a. All In-House/Self-Study CLE activities shall be designed specifically as an organized program of learning;
b. All In-House/Self-Study CLE activities must be open to observation by members of the CCLC and its staff;
c. Experienced attorneys must substantially contribute to the development and presentation of all In-House/Self-Study CLE activities;
d. In-House/Self-Study CLE activities must be scheduled at a time and location so as to be free of interruptions from telephone calls and other office matters;
e. Up to six (6) CLE hours may be earned by an attorney in a calendar year through a combination of approved In-House/Self-Study CLE activities. Written application for CLE credit above the annual In-House/Self-Study limit may be made during the calendar year in which this credit is earned, and upon approval by the CCLC the excess credit may be carried forward and applied to In-House/Self-Study CLE for the next calendar year only.

The implementation date for this regulation is January 1, 2001.



Regulation 12 to Rule 8-106(B)

(12) CLE Delivery Formats. In addition to traditional approved continuing legal education activities attended live and in-person by groups of attorneys, distance learning delivery formats are acceptable provided they are designed specifically as organized programs of learning and meet the other accreditation standards set out in these Rules and Regulations. These distance learning CLE activities may be attended by an individual attorney with no minimum number attendees needed to receive approved MCLE credit, but must comply with the In-House/Self-Study CLE Regulation 5 to Rule 8-106(B). Examples of qualifying distance learning formats include: live CLE activities presented via video or audio replays of live CLE activities; on-line computer CLE activities, CD-ROM and DVD interactive CLE activities; and written correspondence CLE courses. When attended by an individual attorney, the distance learning activity constitutes Self-Study CLE. Examples of non-qualifying educational activities that are encouraged on a non-MCLE approved credit basis include: reading cases and advance sheets, legal research, internet chat groups, observations of trial, and jury duty.

The implementation date for this regulation is January 1, 2001.

*For a complete overview of Georgia's CLE and Professionalism requirements, please refer to the State Bar of Georgia Directory and Handbook, Parts VIII and IX, or visit


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